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Decorated Xmas Trees

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Celebrating the Christmas time will never be the same with our beautiful and stylish artificial Christmas trees. All-inclusive and basic packages with pre-attached matching lights, garlands and baubles are provided by us, offering different designs and measurements in a range of prices. Our Christmas trees are the perfect piece of decoration for your home or your business in the cold winter months. The beautiful artificial trees are crafted from PVC plastic in the lifelike green color of a natural pine tree. The natural silhouette of the tree is created using a layered structure with tapering branches creating the perfect authentically detailed looking Christmas tree.

Our Christmas trees come in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for indoor spaces. From a small and charming Christmas tree perfect for the living room, or an impressive Christmas tree that will suit in a large foyer, we can provide a model that matches your requirements. All our trees are decorated using LED lights and ornaments in matching shapes, sizes and textures that fit perfectly together. In this way, the Christmas trees are finished to the highest standard. There is choice between different sizes, heights and styles. The choice is yours whether you would like to go for classic copper, elegant gold, shimmering silver, outstanding purple or traditional colors for the perfect Christmas feeling such as green and red. Determine your Christmas style and you will find a tree in our collection that suits you.

Decide if you would like to go for a basic decorated Christmas tree package or if a luxury Christmas tree is more your style. The basic packages are available in five different sizes. This includes trees from 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm and 240 cm. The diameter of the tree depends on the height of the tree and can be found in de specifications section of the Christmas trees. More information about the packages is provided as well, including the amount of ornaments that will be delivered with the all-inclusive packages.

The luxury packages are provided in the same sizes as the basic packages. However, the twigs of the luxury packages are from higher en more detailed quality. The packages provide more ornaments in larger sizes and three packages of artificial snow.

All Christmas trees will be delivered for free and if you order before 16:00 the package will reach your house within 48 hours. With our beautiful Christmas trees, you can easily enjoy the holiday season!

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